It would be sacrilegious to change the McRib recipe.
So for this year's relaunch, let's mix things up by keeping it the same.

Art Director: Justin Yang

McDonald's releases 6 new* McRibs! Street posters introduce them to the public.

*Surprise: they're all the same old McRib.

Each variant gets a spotlight moment in the campaign.
Take the Portable McRib, for example. It's so newfangled, we need to show you how to interact with it.

The Pocket McRib inspires a bold fashion trend. Social media influencers promote the sandwich as the ultimate accessory.

McRib representatives defend the choice to go Non-Vegan in a radio press conference.

Reddit banners entice procrastinating 9-5ers to click...but this McRib’s 100% Work-Ready, baby.

Clicks lead to the standard McRib’s official landing page.

How did we get the bones out of a rib-shaped patty, you ask?

Interactive boards in bus shelters let you be the x-ray technician and see for yourself.

We’ve always had our haters. So we’ll use them to close out the season in a blaze of glory, with a tweet-roasted McRib.

Oh, and we almost released a Funeral McRib.
But we killed it.