visit seattle

Seattle is where you can let your freak flag fly.

Its uniqueness lies in its idiosyncratic neighborhoods, radical residents, and pivotal role in American pop cultural history.

AD: Mikayla Belson

Free-standing binoculars pop up in parks, city squares, and high-foot traffic spaces between office buildings. Through their lenses, curious passersby in cities like Chicago, Austin, and Philadelphia will get a rare view of Seattle.

Each set of binoculars transmits a livestream of unique or hidden locations around town, all partnered with to train video cameras on their establishments.

Feed 1:

A feed only broadcast from 5 PM-2 AM PST shows out-of-towners the entrance of Bathtub Gin & Co, a speakeasy found in the former boiler room of an old hotel. Voyeurs get to spy on its discerning clientele, and memorize the location of its wooden back alley entrance.

Feed 2:

A tiny camera attached to a espresso machine at the beautifully decorated Navy Strength broadcasts Monday to Friday from 7 AM-4 PM PST, giving a feel for how hard Seattle’s baristas hustle.

Feed 3:

Broadcasts across from an old saloon in Seattle’s Underground. These subterranean passages were the city’s original downtown, but after being destroyed by fire in 1889, Pioneer Square was built on top of it. The Underground was then occupied by outlaws, opium addicts, and ladies of the night. Streaming 24/7, viewers get to spy on guided tours and after-hours inhabitants.